Sunday, 21 February 2010


So, my fashion week kicks off in true style. With a 9am trip to the dentist where half my head gets drilled off. Owwwwww!
Nevermind, treats await me back at the office. Holly Fulton has sent totally amazing jewellery..and a hot tangerine telephone dress! (is it me or does Holly's necklace look abit like the dentist light?)
Rifle through the pile of invites and try to make a schedule for the week ahead. There's no way I can do all of this. Well, not without a chaffeur anyway...
So in time honoured tradition, I resolve to just go to my friend's events! Starting with a pre-Bafta dinner at Cecconi's thrown by Vogue's Alex Shulman and Nick Jones from Soho House. Guess who I sit opposite?

Hi Nicolas Hoult babes!

Quick cuddle with my buddy Markus Anderson aka DirtBag,then head home. Its my show tomorrow and still gotta chose a track for the finale. Around 2am I find The One. An utterly ridiculous Pet Shop Boys remix of Absolutely Fabulous....

Nighty night darlings! x