Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Popped round Princess Julia's for a cuppa...
and asked "remember the first time I booked you to DJ in Naples in 1993, well what's the name of the opening house track you put on that sent the whole place mental? I want to play it at Fashion East"
Instead of saying "Oh do shut up Lulu, that was 17 years ago" she actually tried to remember! But couldn't. I hummed it to her, we rummaged through her incredible record collection, I texted my Neapolitan DJ mates to ask them etc etc. All to no avail.

Anyway, Princess Julia is one of my favourite people EVER. Words can't describe her gloriousness...she is simply a star. 
(PJ wouldn't let me take her photo, even though she looked wonderful in her chic lounging round the house look  of red silk kimono and baby blue satin heels, so here's one I found on

If you don't already follow her blog, you must. It's the law. She's royalty after all.