Sunday, 21 February 2010


Up at the crack of dawn for Fashion East.
First thing to go wrong is this..
Then spot a massive mistake on the press release so need to correct and print more in mad hurry. Finally get to Somerset House late to find the madness in full swing...3 teams crammed into backstage..missing cds which won't play..the usual.

One of Nasir's hats is so tall we have to take out a whole doorframe so it can get through onto the runway!!
..but doesnt it look beautiful?
rehearsals go pretty ok...
..5 minutes to show, can models get in first looks pleaaasse! Finishing touches are applied as guests queue outside..
Goody bags quickly placed front of house as we open doors to guests..
There's an installation of incredible shoes by Chau Har Lee for people to admire on their way in..
..Susie is loving them..
The show goes great. Everyone's happy. Some of my favourite looks..
Nasir is fierce!
Heikki is hardcore!
Michael is stunning!
Congratulations you three! xx
Afterwards we lark around in the sunshine on Somerset House courtyard. Love Scott and his security guards!

Ok, time for Louise Gray's presentation...OMG..GENIUS!!

Lou looks beauteous as ever in a wee Richard Nicoll for Topshop bustier...
..and here's Richard Sloan her stylist..
..rocking Louise from hatted head to furry toe!
Jeanette in Lou's sgnature electric blue, spinning tunes that get everyone dancing in the middle of the day...
Such a nice change to see models dancing and goofing around. Congratulations Lou! I want it ALL as usual. Your energy encapsulates everything we love love LOVE.

Dash back to work to meet a hideous deadline and sadly miss House of Holland show. Wear Henry's invite (a bandana) on my head in protest. Gutted!!
Race back to catch Holly Fulton's presentation, which is brilliantly optimistic, relaxed and confident. How especially hot are these two looks?

Holly love, get a large rum down you and celebrate, you sooo deserve all your success!