Wednesday, 2 December 2009

We Heart Nasir

Nasir Mazhar's presentation is MIND BLOWING.

As well as incredible headwear, he has real live poodles in his show.
SO MACHO. Adorable!!

After Nasir's we all head over to the Marc Jacobs store for Juergen Tellers book launch. Katie Hillier is lounging around looking super chic wearing...MJ...of course.

When I spy this tee shirt staring Victoria in the Marc store I have a moment of pure unadulterated OMG...SHE WAS AT MY SHOW TODAY!!! NO LIE!!!

Here's author Juergen Teller having a ciggie break in between signing copies of his Marc Jacobs book.

Afterwards I can't resist a quick bite to eat at Scotts...a post-show celebratory supper is in order.