Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Fashion East Show.

So, I decide to fall in love with a show venue that's essentially a gap between the building and forecourt of our excellent friends at Somerset House. Technically it's called a lightwell. It could do with...A ROOF...but apart from that it's great! Anyway I love the pirateness of it all. I must be mad. Thank God for my amazing show producers Blonstein & Associates who found a way of making it all work out on the day...

This cobbled underpass will be half of the runway, the other half is in an underground tunnel - seen here in rehearsals.

Half of the models havent even arrived as guests start to pour in. Oh GOD! Backstage, the hair and make up teams brace themselves for the impending chaos, whilst me and the team go out front to say hi to guests.

Hi Yasmin Sewell from Liberty!

Hi Sarah from Colette!

Hi Professor Louise Wilson and Tim!

Hi ASOS crew!

Hi Judy Blame! What an entrance..check out the expression on people's faces.

Hi Victoria Beckham! (Can you believe it?! So cool she came to our show)

Hi gorgeous friends!! How nice of you to halt your fashion week festivities and make it to my show.

Backstage all the girls are here and lined up ready to go - finally!

Holly Fulton opens Fashion East with a bang. I'm standing behind mega critic Sarah Mower trying to read what she's scribbling in her notepad....

Here's Holly's show video and some of my favoruite looks

I can't decide which of her Christian Louboutin shoes I love more, the flats or heels?

photos by Shaniqwa Jarvis

Holly Fulton SS10

Holly Fulton SS10

Congratulations Hols!!

Next out is Heikki Salonen.
Nice work Heikki. Loving the tomboyish vibe.

Heikki Salonen Ss10

Heikki Salonen SS10

Michael van der Ham closes the show. Total goregousness.

Michael van der Ham SS10

Michael van der Ham Ss10

It's done, and people loved it. PHEEEW!!! We have a backstage drink and a hug. Well done Heikki!

Look at the pure relief and happiness on Fashion East's Beth's face. And check out her lush Holly Fulton outfit.

Meanwhile, I am already raiding the rails. Um...Michael..please can I have this stunning dress? Oh go on....