Monday, 15 August 2011


Last week the riots cast a pitch black shadow over everyone's spirit. There is undoubtedly a WHOLE LOT OF SHIT to sort out in this country.

That said, Monday's a new start and to counterbalance the darkness here's a light hearted reminder of why I'm lucky, and grateful life is such FUN...
Happy by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Top of the list of things that make me happy is my dear friend Roksanda Ilincic asking me to be godmother to her daughter Mia. She's a little angel and smiles non stop..
I brought her this back from Mexico - a slightly inappropriately flirty off the shoulder ruffle dress for my favourite little chiquita...

Lulu & Co's production manager Emily from NYC. Don't know what I'd do without her - she powers through the work; the bigger the production problem to solve the more she gets on finding a solution. Oh, and she rocks a look of sequins and sheer for day. Genius.

Ma homegirl JJ, aka fashion designer recycler extraordinaire Dr Noki. Criminally handsome at 40. Fun birthday times at Bistrotheque!

Wowzers, a bleached denim appliqued rug; a present  from darling James Long to celebrate Fashion East's 10th birthday. I love that it's a year late..I can sooo relate to that sort of timekeeping!

It came in handy when Sharmadean brought Baby Roman round to play. He's the happiest kid ever - he literally 'ooohed' at the smiley face sticker on my wall for two hours...bless!

Its the simple things like climbing up my mum's mulberry tree and eating all the berries off it on a summer day...
..and the random disco ball in her greenhouse that make me happy..

Sloanie popping by for a pina colada and brightening up my day when Im at stuck at work on a Sunday is always incredible!

More delicious cocktails and fun times involving Sloanie, and Henry at the Asos catwalk show ...
While we're on the subject of cocktails, what could be more fun than an innocent mid-week pint turning into a mega party (in this case for Paul Flynn's 40th at the Nelsons) with everyone ending up back at mine for a nightcap of vodka berroca (gross, I know...but it was the only mixer I had in the house!)

A RIDIC surprise pressie arriving in the post from Japan. Thanks Kim Jones! :)

Big shiny truck wheels make me buzz. Don't ask me why...I have no idea.

Patrick Waugh designing Boyo t shirts on my office floor makes me super happy...
..he hand collaged original prints by Jamie Morgan. Gorgeous...
The collages went onto tees which we shot on Georgia Salamat for our lookbook. Check her out here in Nasir's leopard hat. Love this girl, she has the best positive attitude as well as being a right little stunner.
Even when me and Jez Tozer were delirious with tiredness editing his shots for layout at 2am, we loved you do..

Watching Ananda shoot basketball in Mexico late at night..just me, her and the mosquitos. The kid's gonna be a world champion one day I swear..

That sigh of relief when a sample comes back perfect and looks great on Rei, our fittings model...

And how about frittering time (when you should be working) listening to your worst favourite old tunes really REALLY loud and remembering when you used to dress and dance like this - to put a stupid grin to your face?

I say....JUST DO IT!

Have a good week y'all xx