Saturday, 9 July 2011


...or so I thought. No chance. All the kerazies were out and up for it.

Hi Beth Ditto...(hamming it up for the camera)
 Hi Gary Card and James Long...
 Hi Longo, Sloanie, Jonny Woo...

Who's the foxy blonde with the twinkle sticker customised Chanel?

...its Vic Young from Love! With Roksanda Ilincic. Roksy's photos of her baby's christening in Belgrade made me and Rich Nicoll scream with adoration. Can't wait till she's old enough to come to the pub too!
Here's Roks with Henry Holland. Hi babes!
By the way, did you see Kate Middleton wearing Roksanda's dress as she landed in LA for her first official visit to the States?

I've been gagging for Kate to wear Roksanda (check out my musings in the last paragraph in this article) it was super exciting to see her finally doing so...and looking WELL BLOODY GORGEOUS!!