Thursday, 25 November 2010


Thank you to the lovely Cozette, Rebecca and Jack for hosting a most HILARIOUS evening of fashion quizzes/creative challenges!! xx

I had no idea I was so competitive. We were INSANELY determined to win. And we did! A round of cocktails for 100% correct answers, plus a packet of sherbet for the 'best statement glasses made out of pipe cleaners' category.

The 'Royal Wedding' inspired styling contest got completely out of control.
It started with Mads stripping down to her skimpies..something she's good at. Dust masks, sellotape and loo roll became a conical bustier...
Babs and Massimo turned doillies into a headress, Rori made a Richard Nicoll inspired sunray pleated gown, then came a cut out magazine face complete with sherbet 'coke moustache' detail..

Beth and Holly made a fabulous tin foil royal engagement ring plus acrylic tips..

add in a fag, foil crack pipe, toilet roll VOILA!

..a Linder Sterling meets Madonna meets Courtney creature..
...kind of beautiful, no?