Monday, 12 April 2010

MY LATEST LOVE... a thing called PAMPHLET! Written by the wonderful James Anderson who once reviewed our show in i-D as follows: "Jerry Springer's got nothing on Fashion East".

That's it. Just one line.

I have loved James undyingly since that moment...
James has applied a democratic rule of 'one minute interviews with a selection of wonderful London-based designers' throughout, and for a background colour has chosen that sad green that hosiptal corridors are painted in, and its A5 flimsy paper and folds out like a proper naff government pamphlet.

So far so good.
I managed to collar James for a quick one minute interview just before he went into a 'red hot meeting with Mr Ben Reardon'...

Lulu - What made you decide to create it?
James - Myself and Rob were stood at the bus stop one day and just suddenly decided we should do a fashion pamphlet: we had an impromptu 'editorial meeting' right there and then and the whole thing was decided in about two minutes... well, it had to be really, because I could see my bus coming.

Lulu - Why is it so short? I wanted it to be another 20 pages at least!
James - I wanted to make the content really simple and unpretentious and super quick to read - just one question per designer - because everyone has the attention span of a flea nowadays, me included! I worked for Smash Hits many many years ago so I thought the questions should be quite Smash Hits-esque and silly, but the answers end up being quite sort-of intimate and revealing, which is good.

Lulu - And what about the portraits of the designers?
James - The images were sourced by typing in the names of the designers into google search and just seeing what came up. It's good to have an element of chance (especially when you've got no picture budget, ha!)

Lulu - And where can we find copies?
James - b Store and Michael Costiff's World archive at Dover Street Market.

Lulu - And when's the next one coming out?
James - Basically when we feel like it but perhaps for next London Fashion Week...

Lulu - 'Perhaps'? Hmm..that'll be a very CERTAIN perhaps if I have anything to do with it! x