Friday, 26 February 2010


We are FLAT OUT today, with the MAN show plus 11 designers showing in our menswear installations. So what do I do? Go to my mate's shows!

Loved Christopher Shannon. Obviously.
Fleecey Eastpacks!
Love the Scarpa Manta boots...
..and the mesh trackie. Boom.

Loved James Long. Obviously.
Mrs Long has been busy with her knitting needles..
Liking the Jeffery West boots...
And saving the best till last...Longo's bow!
Katie Eary's another one who gives good face on the catwalk. She opens the MAN show with a right bang...
Love the Vans...

..ferocious debut topped off with a contrastingly cute wave from the boys..

..MAN is closed by New Power Studio...
Josephine in built up monkey boots & cropped donkey jacket. Too hot.
Adam from Kids Company giving it some drum n bass..
OMG little Yusaf. Beautiful and already a top walker.
Barry Whizzo Williams (ex formular one driver and all round legend) is waiting in the wings for the New Power Studio finale. We keep getting the giggles.. you go Baz in your giant crombie raincape on your underlit mobility bike. Love the Washington Post poking out his pocket!
I'm sorry, I don't care what anyone says - that is F***ING AMAZING!!!