Wednesday, 27 January 2010


'Back', working the guestlist in Hermes gloves at our party at Le Baron...

Madeleine doing what she does best... securing our table the special Belvedere Magnums.

I seem to remember Jefferson and Cozette playing Bananarama! x

Acne's do at Karl Lagerfeld's old appartment is supercool. Here's their head menswear designer Christoffer Lundman next to the flowers he personally arranged...

..bump into our old intern Sophiecat, now fashion editor of Peng magazine!
(note* my Natascha Stolle porcelaine tiled 'alligator' clutch has been surgically attached to my arm all fashion week. LOVE!) 

...the best sky blue drapey silk mans shirt ever. NEED.

LONDON in the house...Hi Andrea, Cameron, Max and Tim!

Hi Cecilia (Buck) & Paula (Dazed). Having fun?!

Hi Tim Blanks (our hero) and SIBLING's Cozette and Sid. (Yes Tim, you're going to look amaaazing in that jumper!)
...then it's onto the truly wonderful Jerry Stafford's birthday at Cibus...superfun..

(OMG the tiramisu...insanely moreish)

..pop into Andre's appartment for a nightcap...oh hi Amber Rose!

..finally get home, to find Madeleine and Rori have had everyone back for "a little afterparty"...

..oopsie x