Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Please meet a few of my treasured friends via their brilliant gifts to me. I'm so lucky.

Thanks Harriet Quick for this genius book by my favourite movie director!

Thanks Fashion East's Rori for the Maltesers. He knows me too well.

Thanks Holly Fulton and Maria Francesca Pepe
for the jazzy bling!

Thanks Sloanie for my Le Labo Petit Grain perfume with personalised label "Gloria, I love you crazy!"

Thanks Husam el Odeh for my Smiley badge set with rubies!

Thanks Louise Wilson for my African lucky heart charm!

Thanks Emma for my miniature rose!

Thanks Richard Nicoll for the beautiful jewelled medal from Resort 2009! I'm wearing it on my Horace leather biker.

Thanks Longo (James Long) for the bronze shades and
handmade metallic Christmas card!

Thanks Esther Lane for the art on my wall!

Thanks Mandi Lennard for my lucky gold walnut!
From one nutter to another...

Thanks Jonathan Saunders for these stunning Resort 09 t shirts! Jonny's the undisputed king of ombre, just look at the beautiful colour fades...

I'll be trotting round in this little baby on the beach in Tulum next week. Oh yeaaah!!