Monday, 30 November 2009

MY WISH LIST begins here...

I am SO getting this jacket and sweatshirt by Louise Gray!!! I spotted them (along with about another twenty things I wanted right there and then) at Louise's presentation today which was really colourful, upbeat, and gorgeous.

I love the garments she's collaborated on with Smiley too.  Cute!

Here's Louise (with new tangerine barnet) being interviewed by the ever ace Susie Bubble.


Louise Gray's stylist Richard Sloan (with his new blue barnet) and Henry Holland havin a cuddle. They're djing together at my menswear afterparty. Uh-oh...double trouble!!!

The wonderful Judy Blame. He made Louise's wild accessories.

And here's Judy's head of security - Dave Baby - looking seriously dapper in his fashion week finery.


Ok, next on the wishlist is a whole load of pretty things by Natascha Stolle. Here she is holding a totally WOW skirt in a textile she created from chiffon embroidered to look like oversized tweed...kind of reminiscent of Chanel...only better. Deconstructed grunge-tastic. Aint nothing twee about THIS tweed.

And here's beautiful Morwenna modelling one of Natascha's cropped tweed jackets in cream. I can't decide which colour I or cream...they're both hot!!

I love how Morwenna's tour tshirt from New York shows through the chiffon. Rock n Roll baby!!!